Aesthetic Dentistry

  • It's not only about improving the way you look...

    Do you feel self-conscious about smiling?

    Have you learnt to half-cover your smile and hope that nobody has noticed?

    When your smile isn’t working to enhance your appearance, it is simply not helping you to be the best that you can be.

  • At Aesthetic Excellence, we can help...

    Our aim is to give you the smile you’ve always hoped for; a smile that helps you feel great about yourself, confident and comfortable.

    A smile that brings out the best in you.

Most people these days keep their teeth for life. Dentistry, through prevention, has done a good job. Of course just like the rest of the body, teeth age. They become yellow, dark, thinned, worn, chipped, stained, heavily filled – just to name a few!

It is normal to care about your appearance, how you present to the world. Billions are spent annually around the world on cosmetics, hair, clothes – all the things we put ‘on’ to make ourselves look better. And then we smile, or maybe we don’t.

We can’t hide our teeth but maybe you don’t have to either. There are so many options for a beautiful smile.

Maybe you only need a little. Maybe you need a lot. Whatever your problem, there will be a solution and that smile you wanted to hide can become a thing of the past. A consultation with Anne-Maree or Susan will be time well spent.

Transform the way you feel on the inside - It all starts with the smile.
Aesthetic Dentistry treatments can improve and revive your smile with natural looking, long-lasting restorations... achieving outstanding results.

Call us today to arrange a consultation to find out your options.

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Teeth Whitening - only $150
Our teeth whitening menu starts at just $150 if it's suitable for you. For best results, we suggest a professional clean and check. At this visit we can assess your suitability for teeth whitening and discuss your options. We are proud to offer safe and affordable home whitening kits from just $150.
Ph: 07 3257 1577

Make your dream smile a reality!

The first step is to book a consultation so we can discuss all of your options with you.