Comprehensive Dentistry

A new you when things are wearing out

When everything seems to be falling apart after many years and you don’t know where to start – Let us help you navigate to get back on track. We help stabilise any active disease, prioritise what needs rehabilitating and help you every step of the way to restore the functional and confident smile you deserve- Check out our gallery of comprehensive rehabilitations and see what is possible!

Transform the way you feel on the inside - it all starts with the smile.
Aesthetic Dentistry treatments can improve and revive your smile with natural looking, long-lasting restorations. Achieving outstanding results.

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Teeth Whitening - only $150
Our teeth whitening menu starts at just $150 if it's suitable for you. For best results, we suggest a professional clean and check. At this visit we can assess your suitability for teeth whitening and discuss your options. We are proud to offer safe and affordable home whitening kits from just $150.
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Make your dream smile a reality!

The first step is to book a consultation so we can discuss all of your options.